Unwanted Hair

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair in Beaverton, OR

How can I remove my body hair permanently?

Tweezing, plucking, and shaving are just temporary ways to remove unwanted hair from your body. Laser hair removal treatments at Celebrity Med Spa in Beaverton get to the root of the problem — literally. Instead of simply removing visible body hair, laser hair removal treatments attack and destroy the hair’s roots. This makes laser hair removal a durable and long-lasting option for removing body hair.

Can hair be removed from anywhere on my body?

Laser hair removal treatments are most effective at removing hair from:

– Bikini area (Brazilian)
– Face
– Underarms
– Legs
– Forearms

Does laser hair removal really work?

Ask one of our many satisfied clients! Here’s what Stephanie had to say about how well her laser hair removal treatment worked:

“I had laser hair removal at Celebrity Med Spa and would give more than 5 stars if it were possible. The facility is very clean, and the technician and staff are very professional and friendly. I experienced little to no discomfort from the laser and the appointments were always on time and quick. I am very pleased with the result.”

What does laser hair removal feel like?

Laser hair removal is not painless, but it is much more comfortable than other hair removal options because:

– Treatments are faster and you’ll need fewer treatments (compared to waxing, for example)
– The high-tech laser we use is designed for your comfort
– We offer numbing creams to maximize your comfort

Why do we get unwanted hair on our body?

Genetics and other factors are the leading causes of unwanted body hair. It’s a natural process and one that can be very frustrating. You may feel less confident about your appearance. But unwanted hair isn’t something you have to live with. Laser hair removal treatments at Celeb Med Spa are a safe and natural way to remove unwanted body hair.

Is it bad to remove body hair?

No! You deserve to look and feel your best. Laser hair removal treatments are a safe and natural way to remove unwanted body hair. If body hair is making you self-conscious, do something about it! Schedule a cosmetic consult at Celebrity Med Spa in Beaverton today.

Why do people get rid of unwanted hair?

Everybody’s reasons are different. Some people prefer the convenience of having less body hair. Some people prefer how they look when they have less hair on their legs, arms, tummy, face, etc. Some even remove body hair to improve athletic performance. There’s no right or wrong reason to remove body hair. It’s just important that it matters to you.

Where’s the best place in Beaverton for laser hair removal?

The best place for laser hair removal in Beaverton is Celebrity Med Spa. We’re on Horizon Boulevard in Beaverton, right near the New Seasons and Little Big Burger. Call (503) 430-0944 to schedule your consultation and to get started on your journey to a happier life!