Wrinkle Reduction in Beaverton, OR

Slow down and reverse the signs of aging

Do you want to look younger and reduce the signs of aging? You’ll love our non-invasive treatment for wrinkles!

Wrinkle Reduction at Celebrity Med Spa

Frustrated with stubborn fine lines or wrinkles? Celebrity Med Spa has got you covered. Remove fine lines and deep wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows, crow’s feet, and more.

Celebrity Med Spa is proud to carry only the most premium-grade injectables in the industry. We can help you achieve smoother, tighter skin and reduce signs of aging. Our non-invasive treatments are quick and virtually pain-free.

We can remove wrinkles from your entire body. Great for…

Love handles
Much more!
Wrinkle Reducing Treatments

As you age and are exposed to years of sun, wrinkles and deteriorating skin are inevitable. This doesn’t mean you can’t reduce signs of aging and look and feel like a younger version of yourself.

At your wrinkle treatment at Celebrity Med Spa, we use advanced technology. You’ll see an improvement in your skin’s tone and firmness in as little as one treatment. Your skin will look rejuvenated and you’ll feel years younger!

Wrinkles naturally form due to your body’s aging process, environmental pollutants, and exposure to the sun’s rays. Your blood circulation and collagen production slow, which can damage your skin and result in wrinkles.

Fortunately, the specialists at Celebrity Med Spa can help! Our laser wrinkle treatments:

● Promote blood circulation and collagen production
● Improve your skin’s firmness and tone
● Strengthen your connective tissue
● Tighten loose skin

At Celebrity Med Spa we use two non-invasive devices in our wrinkle treatments:

Exilis Ultra 360
This luxurious treatment leverages ultrasound energy. It precisely targets, tones, and treats your wrinkled areas.
Venus Concepts
This deploys radio frequency with magnetic pulses. It safely and effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkled skin.

The Celebrity Med Spa Experience

At Celebrity Med Spa, we’ll help you become the very best version of yourself. Our luxurious, high-tech medical spa is equipped with top-of-the-line wrinkle reduction equipment. Your unique treatment plan will be designed to help you achieve the best possible results.

Our team is expertly trained in all of our med spa services and will only recommend the best services for you. We will never encourage you to try a service that’s not right for you and will always answer any questions you have about your treatment plan.

Whether you’re one of our many returning clients or this will be your first trip to our medical spa for anti-aging treatments, you’ll feel right at home. Our doctors, nurses, aestheticians, and knowledgeable staff will treat you like family and deliver the ideal treatment plan for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is wrinkle reduction painful?
Wrinkle reduction treatment is generally not distressful when provided by a skilled technician. You may experience some slight discomfort during your first sessions. Overall, our wrinkle reduction treatment is quick and virtually pain-free. Our wrinkle reduction treatment is often described as feeling like a hot stone massage.
Is wrinkle reduction safe?
Our wrinkle reduction treatment is absolutely safe, and we rarely see any long-term side effects after treatment. Our experienced technicians are expertly trained. They’ll be there to answer any questions about your singular or long-term treatment plan, and always make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.
How many wrinkle reduction treatments will I need?
It depends on your individual needs, but we generally recommend several sessions scheduled 7-10 days apart for the best long-lasting results.
Is there anything I should do before coming in for my wrinkle reduction appointment?
Before your laser wrinkle treatment, avoid exposing the treatment areas to direct sunlight. Additionally, it’s recommended to increase water intake at least two days before each treatment and refrain from wearing any makeup, deodorant, powder, or perfumes on your treatment areas prior to coming in for your wrinkle reduction treatment.